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  • 16.10.2020 - Marco/Schweiz       

  • Paket ist angekommen, alles perfekt.

  • 16.07.2015 - Luis/Mexico

    Hello dear Thomas,
    wooooow i already checked your awsome page and it is
    incredible congratulations!!!! It is a fantastic collection
    that you have i can figure that it is not easy to have a
    collections as yours...

  • 12.05.2015 - Nina/Deutschland

    Hallo Thomas, erstmal vorweg ein Lob, deine Webseite
    ist toll! Ich habe sie durch Zufall bzw Google gefunden...

  • 23.04.2015 - Mario/Belgium

    Hi Thomas, I received the package. Thanks a lot for the
    accurate packaging and expédition.

  • 21.01.2014 - Hrvoje/Schweiz

     I find your collection amazing. The condition(mint) in
    which the toys are preserved in, is simply fascinating.

  • 14.12.2013 - Seiichiro/Japan

    PS:Your web site is great!

  • 24.07.2013 - Brumm/Italia via fb

    Ma che belli modellini!!!!! aber was schöne Modelle!!!!

  • 06.07.2013 - Pascal/France:

    Bravo pour ce nouveau site.

  • 19.06.2013 - Stefano/Italia:  

    I saw the website and he is really bello complimenti!

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